Get your new computer setup correctly

  • Unpack & Connect

  • Initialise Operating System

  • Securely connect to WiFi

  • Install & Configure Internet Security Software

  • Test Internet connectivity & Speed

  • Configure email

  • Install Printer

  • Install Office Software*


*Office Software NOT included in service price


Everybody knows they should backup their data, but many still don't. I will tailor a solution to meet your needs

  • Full Image Backups

  • Data Only Backups

  • Cloud Backup Solutions

  • Scheduled Backups

*Backup media and software not included in service price


We can transfer your pictures documents and other data to your new computer

  • Transfer email to new computer

  • Configure email on new computer

  • Identify & transfer pictures, documents and other data

  • Advise on compatibility of old software*

*Older software and data files may not be compatible with latest operating systems


System Not Starting at all? Just Slow? Looking to upgrade?

  • Evaluate & Advise

  • Problem Reslution

  • System Optimisation

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • RAM, SSD & Graphic Card upgrades

Either drop your computer in to me, or I can pick it up

Malware Removal

Have you downloaded a program or clicked on a link that was not what it seemed? It happens to the best of us!


  • Multi level malware scan

  • Removal of identified malware

  • Removal of suspicious programs

  • Check system operates within expected parameters

For best results we recommend a full multi level malware scan and removal, at our premises.


Keep your computer running to it's full potential

  • Physical cleanup

  • Startup program check

  • Optimise registry

  • Remove junk files

  • Check disk fragmentation

  • Check available disk space

  • Check Windows updates

  • Check backups

  • Provide report*

*Does not include remedial work to resolve identified issues

Tel: 0499 121 144


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